The 1-on-1 mentorship division builds community by partnering young professionals with a range of students from various socio-economic backgrounds.

This Division will provide one-on-one mentoring for interested Toronto youth. The objective is to provide youth with a personal cheerleader and advocate outside of their teachers and parents. Through carefully thought out and individualized programming, we hope to get a deeper understanding of what youth are interested in and give them extra resources and find ways to support their dreams. We hope that having an extra one-on-one, positive ally can help these children and teens discover their full potential, foster confidence and curiosity, and connect them to the right programs and people in and outside of music. This relationship between mentor and mentee should become an exploration of creativity. We are not trying to force every youth to go into music; we want them to explore many facets through the support and shared interest of music with other musicians. This is change that can happen quickly, and this is the change we need now.

      “Many students have not figured out what they want to do with their lives; I guess you could call them ‘the failure to launch kids’, there is a huge amount of stress that comes with not knowing.” 

      - Erin O’Rourke, Psychotherapist at the Toronto Counselling Centre for Teens and TDSB teacher

This division will be launching 2021!

(All divisions will be planned with Covid-19 restrictions in mind.)