The goal of this course elective is to give students self and social awareness, agency, and compassion to garner more consideration for their own music making and within the larger community around them.

The Internship in Music Education is a course elective facilitated by the Marigold Music Program’s Civic Engagement and Community Co-op division, training university students in areas of music community outreach. Half of the course will be in-person lecture style classes and discussions with weekly guest lecturers, educating the class on topics related to their expertise on agency and power, social-emotional learning, advocacy and allyship, and community learning. This lecture series will give participating students the opportunity to hear from speakers they would not necessarily be exposed to in a typical Western-music institution setting. By applying lessons back to the individual person, students will humanize the course content through divergent learning. This is a holistic approach to music learning, mentoring, and community engagement and will provide students with necessary skills to immerse themselves in their surrounding communities and define how they represent engagement in the arts community.

The second half of this course will be a practical music-classroom internship, providing real experience in the field. University students will be paired with a classroom and provide music education and enrichment in various forms (lessons, performances, and collaboration in all forms of music creation) during the school day. The end of semester result will culminate in a presentation of the collaborative final project within the university students’ respective classrooms.

This course will launch September, 2021!

(All division will be planned with Covid-19 restrictions in mind.) 


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