Sacha Smith

Operations Manager

Creative & Development Strategist 

Why Marigold?


I am a musician and creative who in between school, gigs, jobs and music classrooms, spent 7 years working at summer camps. As I look back, and as I consider the future, I hope that music education begins to share more parallels with the lessons I learnt and witnessed at camp. 


I believe in the importance of learning through play and I know that the impact of camp can be life-changing for all kids.


It's time to expand & cultivate musical communities that provide the same authentic feeling of belonging, fostering meaningful friendships, responsibility, developing trust, encouraging exploration and creating an atmosphere where kids feel empowered to try something new or different. 


These are all aspects that music students and classrooms crave: a space that generates and nurtures “Citizen Artists”, who listen, discuss, experiment, team-build, and become mindful leaders in and outside the classroom. 


I can think of no better place to start than with the Marigold Music Program. 

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Last movie/ TV show watched:A League of their Own


Favourite destination:on the dock by a lake .. or a chatty coffee shop!


Podcast:Pod Saves America

Dish you make:A giant gin martini 

Desert island disc:Lily Allen's album "Alright Still"

Emoji:🥰 or  🤔

Best advice given to you:From the village of women who raised me : "Be kind, work hard, laugh lots, free pour, listen up, wear a helmet, invest in quality sweaters, and you can never have too many doritos"