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Chihiro Yasufuku

Chihiro Yasufuku 安福知優 (she/her) is a Japanese-Canadian musician known for her genuine and sensitive approach to collaboration and the art of performing. Entering her third year of classical voice studies under the tutelage of soprano Nathalie Paulin and vocal coach Trevor Chartrand, Chihiro strives to combine her interests in music, culture, health and psychology throughout her artistic practice. She was also the proud recipient of The Barry Manilow Scholarship for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

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Chihiro's musical curiosity began to bloom in her early childhood beginning with violin studies, expanding towards singing and the applications of music in interdisciplinary settings. This was most notably seen from her initiation of the Musical Meditation Program during her secondary education, an interest which continues to grow through her engagement in multiple innovative projects including the Daniel Robinson Outreach Program and Sounds in Isolation.


As an avid researcher, Chihiro has also established a passion for Japanese Kakyoku and music originating from Japan, aspiring to expand the prominence of these musical genres in the western music community through the launch of the Hibiki Project this September, alongside collaborative pianist Sakurako Jayne Abe.

Outside of the University of Toronto, Chihiro continues her studies as a violinist at the Royal Conservatory of Music under the guidance of violinist Sarah Fraser Raff.