Rebecca Hass

Rebecca Hass is a Métis woman of many creative pursuits. As an Arts Administrator my work is about connecting in community through relevant connections in the art of opera and music, creating training programs for the whole artist as a creative being and not just a voice, and working to change the onstage and offstage world of opera to better represent the diversity of the country I live in including online digital programming creation and curation.

Life Coach for artists: I work with singers at all stages of education and career. I specialize in managing fear voices, knowing how to feed your artist self, and goal setting in the uncertain, groundless world of the professional arts.

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A Certified Meditation Instructor and practicing Buddhist, I also work with people on a journey of self examination from a contemplative perspective.


As a Métis woman, I also walk with the teachings and world views of my ancestors and these teachings are woven into my work as well. As a lifelong freelancer who follows her creative passion I am a powerful coach for anyone looking to explore a more resonant life. Freelance Radio Documentary creator: I have been a regular on CBC Radio One, contributing to NXNW, The Sunday Edition,Tapestry, The Doc Project and Now or Never. I also was the guest host for Saturday Afternoon at the Opera and In Concert.Writer: I've contributed to an online journal The Storyboard and I write scripts for radio as well as for personal essay (The Sunday Edition, Saturday Afternoon at the Opera, In Concert, NXNW, CBC Radio One)