Khadija Mbowe


Head of the "Civic Engagement and Community Co-op" course

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Why Marigold?

I am the child of immigrant parents who didn’t believe in music education. I was on my own for a lot of my musical journey, from believing, financially supporting, and advocating for myself too.


Even growing up there was really no support that fostered growth and encouraged individuality. 


Apart from a few cheerleaders at U of T there was not an available support system for me.. and so Marigold was born! MMP is the support system I wish I had as a racialized black youth participating in music extracurriculars/music education.


I am passionate about helping young people become community leaders, organizers and just be able to participate in music


Last movie/ TV show watched:The Real Housewives of Potomac


Favourite destination:Italy


Podcast:Behind the Bastards

Dish you make:Cream & pesto shrimp pasta

Desert island disc:**Ah! Can I take another podcast?** Ok, how about: Panic At the Disco! -" I write sins not tragedies".. for nostalgia

Emoji:👀 or 🤓

Best advice given TO YOU: Knowing is only rumour till it lives in the muscle