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Our divisions are designed to intersect, creating more than one experience for each marigold within our program


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  • An SMI Marigold can enrol in the 1-1 Mentorship

  • High school students reached through the Civic Engagement & Community Co-op course can enrol in the SMI or for Mentorship

  • University students can also apply to work in the SMI or to become a mentor

Our multi-directionality reaches up to who we’re hiring now, and who we will hire in the future. 


There are possibilities here for not only the young marigolds but also the young adults and creators of today who can join our cycle.


Ultimately, we would love to see the young marigolds applying in the future as mentors, teachers, and university applicants -- and suddenly we see a living example of our changed musical landscape and a vibrant and truly representative community in our city.